Advantages of Traveling Off Season to the UAE

Generally, there are only two seasons in UAE, hot and hotter, but there exist spring and winter which last for a short period of time. The emirates is a combination of sandy deserts an ultra-modern architecture, savory cuisine and an affluent lifestyle it provides its people. Someone who has not to travel to the UAE is surely at a loss. The season in the UAE that attracts the most tourists is winters, where airline fares are high, hotels are difficult to book and you need to wait in lines for tickets. On the other hand, the offseason of UAE starts June and ends till August. This is because the temperature outside can reach a soaring 50 degrees. However, there are some benefits that you can get if you visit the offseason.

The fares are relatively low

During the offseason period, there are many airlines that offer below the price fares. The dropped fare prices of the tickets can be availed during this period. Because of the heat and other factors, tourists do not like to travel to the UAE and instead go to cooler areas. But with cheaper flight rates, you can get a chance to visit the Emirates without paying a hefty amount on the flights.

Hotel Discounts

Hotels reduce their prices and also offer free food services during the offseason. A low crowd means that you can easily get your dream hotel with the view you always wanted without having to wait. You will not have to hear a no on your offseason journey.

Explore Indoor Activities

Sometimes, the golden heat of the UAE can get to you. It is best if you limit yourself to indoors. There are a number of activities that you can indulge yourself into. Visit theme parks or go to museums. Learn a new hobby or just ski in the artificial ice at Ski Dubai, you will forget about the heat.

UAE is the ultimate hub for tourists and expats

During the summer season of the UAE, the flow of tourists is low due to the heat and expats move out to cooler areas for a change of environment. If you visit UAE at this time, you will have the whole city to yourself. This means that there will no queues, no crowd, no waiting.


During the summer, there are festivals that are celebrated throughout the UAE. This is your chance to take part in these without the hassle of crowds. Be sure that you check out all the festivals that are coming up and make your trip accordingly.


Ramadan usually falls in the offseason. It is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. You can enjoy amazing discounts on shopping and enjoy authentic cuisine during Iftaar and Suhoor. During Eid-Al-Fitr, there are special festivities and celebrations across the emirates that you can take part in.

When traveling offseason; it is best to book hotels before landing in the UAE. Be sure to check out the entertainment places and hotels that may be closed due to renovations.

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