Summer in UAE

Avoid the Heat! Coolest Cities in the UAE

What are the coolest cities to visit in the UAE when looking for enjoyable temperatures? Discover the best cities for a refreshing vacation and enjoyable weather.

One of the only type of complaints that comes from tourists who visit the UAE is the heat! It can become hot during the summer and it is often considered warm during the “winter” as well. For those who are traveling here and want to avoid extreme heat, they are going to find that there are a few of the cities in the UAE that are running a bit cooler than others that they may want to include on their trip.

The Weather in the UAE

When people talk about the weather in the UAE they are going to find that most people categorize this area as an arid subtropical region, from the coast to the deserts that are more inland. During the summer, the area has very high temperatures that can be excruciating for those who are not accustomed to this type of weather. Their winter is still warm by most standards, but it is a more of a pleasant warmth that tourists and locals love!

Rain wise, the totals of rain that falls every year are very sporadic. Meaning, you may or may not have to deal with this when visiting the UAE.

Looking for Cool Weather? Coolest Cities to Visit

For those who are looking for cool weather, keep in mind that the best time to visit any UAE city is during the winter. The winter is categorized as November to May. On average, the night time temperatures are around 14’C or 57’F, while those inland cities towards the dessert may even drop below 10’C or 50’F.

For those who are looking to come to the area during the winter months, here are the top 3 coolest cities based on their average temperature for those winter months:

  1. Al Ain
  2. Hatta
  3. Ajman

The good news is that several of these cities are great for tourism. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, along with Sharjah are some of the major cities that attract tourists and expats to the UAE. They are going to offer several of the amenities that people are used to finding in tourist locations such as Uber, several things to do, beaches since they are on the coast, and the like.

Avoid the Rain when Visiting the UAE

Looking to avoid the rain when you arrive in the UAE, remember this: the rainy season is in February and March. In many cases, the cities around the UAE see around 50mm of rain. Keep in mind that when the rain falls, it often falls in torrential downpours, but it does lower the temperature in most places.

Remember, if you do travel to the UAE during the hotter months to pay attention to what you are wearing. Light layers that are made from breathable material is going to offer the best protection from the Sun and keep you cool!

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