Dubai Food Festival ’19

What is life without eating and what is Dubai without the exotic food? The Dubai Food Festival is back and is bigger than ever.

Dubai is known for its tall standing edifices, artificial islands, vacation spots, and the perfect weather, however, what makes it more interesting is the impeccable events that it holds. Dubai Food Festival ‘19 is one of the biggest gastronomical event held annually. This event hosts everything from exquisite food to bite-sized delicacies. The Dubai Food Festival will begin on February 21, 2019, and will continue till March 9, 2019.  

Get ready to indulge in the most exciting food and tantalize your taste buds with all things gastronomical with Dubai Food Festival!


Dubai Food Festival is the only food festival that is celebrated throughout the city. This annual event is a strategy to attract tourists and locals alike to give them a taste of cuisines that they have never experienced before. The list of the food events is grand and honors culinary offering from gourmet and avant-garde restaurants to street vendors and not so famous hidden gems. Dubai Food Festival was created by the famous British food artist Paul Baker and has since become of the most anticipated annual event.

Dubai Food Festival is organized by DFRE (Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment). This agency is a part of DTCM (Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).


Dubai Restaurant Week: As the name implies Dubai restaurant week gives the foodies an opportunity to treat themselves with the three-course meals designed especially for the Dubai Food Festival. These meals can be savored at the city’s best restaurants with a view. Relish meals from international chefs with breathtaking views of the city.  Be a part of the foodie paradise with Dubai Food Festival.

Hidden Gems

Travel through the busy streets of Bur Dubai and the neighborhood of Jumeirah and Umm Sequim and explore food that has never tasted better. From budget-friendly to being delicious, the hidden gems are one of the highlights of the Dubai Food Festival. This year, vote for your favorite Hidden Gem and get a chance to enjoy special menus for as low as AED35 throughout the event.

Taste of Dubai

The 12th edition of Taste of Dubai is going to be the most exciting part of the Dubai Food Festival. This three-day event will host music, food, and drinks like you have never experienced before. You can learn the best-kept secrets from the chefs, indulge yourself in cooking, taste exotic food from various countries or just relax with the music. Don’t forget to head over to Dubai Media City Amphitheatre to have one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

Beach Canteen

Beach Canteen is one of the most fun culinary hotspots for food lovers. This year, beach canteen will host one of a kind event with food dishes from around the world. Not only food but beach canteen will also have cooking classes, fitness events as well as entertainment that is worth the wait.

Dubai Food Festival is going to reveal the diversity and creativity in food. With over more than 200 nationalities living in Dubai, this festival is going to be the hub for all the foodies. With the range of meals that it offers, it is hard to miss something so unique. So grab your wallets and book your tickets as the Dubai Food Festival ’19 is going to take your hunger by storm.  

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