Dubai frame

Dubai Frame Achievement: An Attraction that Mesmerizes

Visiting the UAE and stopping in Dubai? If so, check out the Dubai Frame! This is a massive feat of engineering that is a must see when visiting the area.

What is the Dubai Frame?

This achievement is the world’s largest picture frame! It is slated to be one of the top destinations and sties to see in the UAE after having opened in January 2018 for tourists, locals and the like. It is an engineering feat that is sure to be a photo worthy opportunity when visiting here!

Why is the Dubai Frame So Memorable?

For those who have already visited this frame, they are telling their family and friends that this is a must see. But, why is this?

  1. This is a 360-degree experience! This gives viewers a panoramic view of the city from a height of 150m. The vantage point alone is a huge drawl for photographers, both novice and experienced!
  2. The first glass bride in the region! The two vertical towers of the frame are connected by a 93-meter-long bridge of glass. When walking across this, you feel as though you are walking on air. However, don’t worry, this glass is crack proof and made from high quality materials!
  3. The design itself of the frame was designed with Dubai in mind, a nod to the past and the future of the area. The frame was positioned so that visitors to the frame can see what many consider to be the old country, and the future of what Dubai is looking like now.
  4. Keeping with the future feel of this achievement, the landmark is completely paperless. Tickets that you purchase to visit these are going to be app-only tickets. This is meant to give a more streamlined experience for those who visit, while also respecting the environment.

Are you visiting the area? IF so, put the Dubai Frame on your list as those hot spots that you are going to want to see. And remember to bring your camera to capture these amazing views!

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