Gulf Food 2019

Dubai is the epitome of global trade, a la carte cuisine, and a visionary cityscape. Every year, Dubai holds an annual event GULF FOOD that is all about gastronomy. All countries are welcomed to flaunt their food and seek new trading opportunities. Moreover, it also allows chefs and individuals to be a part of one of the finest culinary mega event.

GULF FOOD 2019 is going to be one of the most anticipated food events that is going to encourage trade as well as give an insight about food and beverages.


GULF FOOD was inaugurated in 1987 to promote food and beverage trade between more than 180 countries. This event is held annually and since its launch has attracted thousands and thousands of visitors. The highest number of record was set in 2018 with Gulf Food hosting more than 97,000 visitors, 5,000 companies and more than 185 countries proudly representing their food and beverage industry.

Gulf food’s main aim is to increase the buyers from not only its existing partners but also from around the world. Furthermore, it also helps in the discovery and generation of innovativeness in the food industry.


The Gulf Food will be a five-day event that will kick off on February 17, 2019, and will continue till February 21, 2019. This five-day mega event will host different seminars for new cooks, foodies to taste the world and the concept of technology in the food and beverage industry. The event will take place at the Dubai Trade Center. Without a doubt, the 24th edition of Gulf Food will be a major contributor to the future of Dubai.

It is estimated that this edition will be visited by more than 98,000 visitors and over 5,000 companies that will showcase how their food and beverage is done.


This highlight of the Gulf Food will offer visitors from around the world to learn cooking and avant-garde food techniques by the world most renowned chefs. These chefs are none other than from the Power 50 Caterer list of the Middle East. These chefs will stir up the stage with their innovative food and beverage techniques and food that you’ve experienced never before.


This is a world class tournament between chefs who will have a chance to flaunt their cooking skills. The competition will comprise of four teams which will represent each of the areas- Asia, Europe, Africa/ Middle East, and America. One team will be crowned the winner of the league.


The start-up programme will encourage and help build new innovations and technologies in the food and beverage industry. This will not only help the new ideas but also give the trade industry and boom in terms of technology and food.


This summit is all about food and technology. Connoisseurs from around the world will explain how food needs to be done. There will be conferences on how food can be improved, the culinary experience to get better than before. In other words, the innovation summit will be all about gastronomy.

Apart from these major events, Gulf Food will also host events like tea house, Gulf food connections, and Cezve/Ibrik Championship. This year the gulf food will be larger than ever so don’t forget to get registered ASAP!

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