Honeymoon in Dubai-Sunshine mixed with twinkling, sandy magic

Choosing a venue for your honeymoon is arguably as important as choosing your wedding dress – it sets the mood for your future life just as your wedding dress chooses the mood for your wedding. It is important that you have a stress-free and fun-filled romantic getaway with your partner and Dubai is just the right option for you. Why? Well, you can go, laze around at the beach one day and book a desert safari the other. You can lounge around at some of the prettiest hotels in the world, go on a cruise, have shopping sprees or relax at spas. It basically has it all the sandy magic, the beachy breeze, the mystery of desert and the beauty of innovation. Oh, and the food is just delectable. It is a remnant of the West with strong hues of Arabian cuisine, a number of continental cuisines are there at your service in Dubai, have whatever you want and that too, whenever you like!

Still dubious? Let’s walk around Dubai and see why exactly you need to go to Dubai on that romantic getaway with your spouse.

Cruisin’ In The Sun

Dubai Creek is the go-spot for the starry-eyed honeymooners. Book yourself a Dhow Cruise dinner, which is just two-hour long but makes memories of a whole lifetime. Enjoy the buffet while the marine breeze ruffles your hair and the admirable view of the skyline of Dubai tingles your aesthetic sense.

This is a perfect spot to relax, let go and breathe in the calming air with your spouse.

Love In The Air (Or A Hot Air Balloon)

Just like Aladdin and Jasmine, you and your prince/princess can have a magic ride over the magical land of Dubai the vast sand dunes, twinkling oasis, natural beauty, the skyscrapers, and the wildlife- it’s a ride to remember. You can take this ride at any time of the day but sunset and sunrise are the most advisable times. The orange goodness in the emerald-blue sky is a sight not to miss!

Bloomin’ in Desert Safari

Desert Safari in a Bedouin camp is something you surely will not regret. This is the most authentic Arabian adventure that you can ever have. Opt to stay overnight in the camp, the starlit sky and the sandy night will pull you and your partner even closer together. There are a number of activities that you can enjoy on your night at the camp, such as henna tattoos, shopping for souvenirs, enjoying belly dancing (and attempting to do it), hearty dinners and romantic strolls.

Run Wild On A Shopping Spree

Dubai has world famous malls. And they sell anything and everything. From intricate gold jewelry to designer bags, shoes and clothes to spices and fragrances – you name it. The malls there often have great discounts to offer as well, shop in Dubai like royalty. It is the ideal place to get your significant other a great gift.

Burj Al Arab: What Honeymoon Dreams Are Made Of

Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel and rightly so. The architecture, the aesthetics and the feel of this 7-star hotel is nothing short of absolute royalty. An evening here would be an experience of a lifetime, made even better when you share it with The One. Dubai is honeymoon heaven. Plan your romantic getaway around this Arabian dream and it will be a story your grandchildren would want to hear over and over again.

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