Souvenirs From Dubai- Sweet Reminders And Great Gifts

Dubai, being the Arabian dream that it is, has a great variety of items that can make into the list of the souvenirs that you should buy in Dubai. From delicacies like camel milk chocolate and local herbs to gold and diamond to pashmina and cashmere shawls, Dubai is a shopaholic’s wildest dream come true.

Read on to find out the ultimate list of the souvenirs that you should buy in Dubai and where to buy them.


Gold is most undoubtedly the best kind of souvenir that you should buy in Dubai. Gold in Dubai costs much less, is intricately designed if you want to buy jewelry and makes the best gift ever. So, if you are buying it for yourself or a loved one, go for gold items as it is the ultimate souvenir that you should buy in Dubai and bring back as a reminiscent of the good old days you spent there.

You can easily buy gold or items made from gold from any of the famous malls or Gold Souks in Dubai.


Dubai has all sorts of international varieties of chocolates. Camel milk chocolate is, however, an indigenous delicacy that is a souvenir that you should take back home from Dubai. You can find the camel milk chocolate in different souks and the malls as well. Other than the camel milk chocolate, you can shop for any kind of chocolate that you can think of in the great malls of Dubai.

Dates and Dry Fruits

Dates are tasty, they are rich in fibers and minerals and hence good for health, they are an instant source of energy and they scream of the great dunes of the deserts of Dubai. So, make sure you bring back home some dates as souvenirs from Dubai. You can also get the delicacy bars made of dates, hazelnuts, and almonds from a variety of souks and shops in Dubai.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are on a little expensive side and are a little hard to take back home but they are certainly worth it. They make the best gifts for your wife, mother or grandmother.

Fragrance Oils and Perfume Oils

Traditional fragrance oils and agarwood chips are one of kind souvenir to buy from Dubai. The fragrance oils are called Oudh and Bakhoor is the name for agarwood chips. You can bring back the essence of middle packed in these sweet scents.
Perfume oils or Attar is an alcohol-free perfume with a very distinct and unique smell. You can shop for attars at any of the perfume souks.

Arabian Spices

If you have a taste for the zing of Arabian cuisine, Dubai spices are the just the right kind of souvenir that you should buy from Dubai. you want to bring home the flavors of Dubai with you, then you might be interested in buying some spices from the famous Spice Souks or the local supermarkets.

In addition to these, you can also buy traditional coffee and teapots from the local markets as a reminder for the rich middle eastern culture. Pashmina shawls and sheesha pipes are also incredible souvenirs that you should buy in Dubai.

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