Staying in Dubai? A Hotel For Every Budget

The comfort level of your vacation has a direct relevance with the place you choose to stay in. Now that comfort applies both to your pocket and your bed.
Here is a list of all the great hotels in Dubai, from luxurious to affordable and family friendly, one for every budget!

The Most Luxurious

  • Downtown Dubai: For Those Who Like To Splurge

Downtown is the fanciest area of Dubai. It is the habitat of the world’s most beautiful and daring architectures, including a number of skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa. If you want to have comfort in luxurious hotels with neighboring nightclubs and fancy shopping arenas, downtown is your place.

  • Renaissance Downtown Hotel

One of the most luxurious hotels, Dubai’s Renaissance Downtown Hotel is the 5-star luxury hotel that will offer the best services in terms of private fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools and spas. Did we mention the views? That is the best part of this hotel! It overlooks Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Water Canal and is surely a treat.

  • The Palace Downtown Hotel

Another extravagant hotel with 242 rooms complete with their balcony and precious views. The best part is, you can choose your room according to the view that you want your balcony to have, the decorations that you want your room to have and so on. The decorations are usually inspired by the Middle Eastern culture. And they have 7 different cuisines to pick from- do we need to say more? I was sold at this.

  • The Address Hotel

A luxurious hotel that comes with private limousine service, spas, bars, and lounges. It has 9 restaurants with various clubs and bars suitable for everyone, for every family type.

  • Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Situated on an artificial island, it is one of Dubai’s most remarkable landmarks. It is the world’s third tallest building. To say that it’s suites are luxurious will be an understatement. They are fully loaded with iMacs and iPads, private butlers and chauffeur who can drive you around in a Rolls Royce or a helicopter if you please.  It has incredible restaurants, some of the best chefs of the world own these restaurants and have a menu that will have you yearning to come back again and again.

           Party On A Budget- Budget-Friendly Hotels

  • A Burst Of Tradition: Creekside

    Creekside bursts with the local traditions and customs of Dubai. If you want to have a full-blown contact with the traditions and still stay on a budget, this is your place. In addition to being a rich representation of local culture, Creekside also has a perfect proportion of modern lifestyle and western trends.
    Some of the great budget-friendly hotels of the Creekside, which come with spas, transport facilities, free WiFi and minibars, are:
    – Al Bandar Arjaan by Rotana
    – Park Hyatt Dubai
    – Jumeirah Creekside Hotel
  • Rove Dubai Marina

Located on the Marina beach, Rove Dubai is a budget as well as a family-friendly hotel. All the rooms have comfort and class, they offer various free packages for children under age. It is just a few minutes away from the Dubai mall and the beach, so you can run around shopping while your kids can laze around at the beach. Families can also have interconnecting rooms so that everyone can stay together but have privacy at the same time.

Apart from these, there are a number of other hotels in these neighborhoods where you can stay and have fun – Dubai is a tourists’ heaven. It has something to offer to everyone and the hotels all come with spas, minibars, clubs and pools, irrespective of their price ranges. So, whether you are traveling solo, a couple in love or a family on vacation, take your pick!

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