When in Dubai, Shop Like The Royals

Dubai is a shopaholic’s heaven. Everything here flows like an Arabian dream and what better way to live this dream to the fullest other than shopping to your fill. Dubai has lists upon lists of well-lit and high-roofed malls that are architectural marvels decorated just like Eid (local festival). Here is your ultimate list of the best shopping places in Dubai and a guide to where to go shopping in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the best places to shop in Dubai owing to the fact that it has over one thousand stores (both luxury and brand) and a number of restaurants and entertainment areas. Recognized as the largest mall in the whole world, the Dubai Mall has a theme park, an ice rink, Cinemas, and an underwater zoo.
All this is great and tempting, but one attraction that is truly unmissable, that marks the Dubai shopping mall as the best shopping place in Dubai, is the Hershey’s store and the Candylicious store – chocolate and candy stores of your dreams!
The Dubai mall is situated right beside Burj Khalifa. You can take a cab or avail a metro to come here. It’s easy to find and fun to shop in.

Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta was an Arabian explorer who traveled to numerous countries and explored various cultures. This mall has been named after this explorer, honoring all explorers and travelers (tourists) who roam the Arabian lands to this day. So naturally, this makes it one of the best shopping places in Dubai.
This mall had a touch of six different cultures and civilizations – the mall itself is divided into subsections of Andalusia, India, Tunisia, Egypt, China, and Persia. In addition to almost 300 shops, this mall has various cultural exhibitions throughout the year.
The best way to travel to this mall is to avail a metro, it is right in front of the Ibn Battuta metro station.

Deira City Center

If you want to have a taste of a traditional shopping experience, the Deira City Center is the right stop for you. Being one of the oldest malls of Dubai, it has all the major brands of Dubai, and worldwide, that manufacture ornaments, rugs, electronics, silk and cashmere products, and apparel. Deira City Center also has a movie theatre, a bowling arena and a fun area for kids.
Deira City Center is undoubtedly the best shopping place in Dubai as it has this traditional environment coupled with a modern aura and is easily accessible. All the 11 major hotels in Dubai offer shuttle bus service to and from Deira City Center throughout the day.

Mall of the Emirates

A list of the best shopping areas in Dubai without any mention of the Mall of the Emirates would truly be incomplete. It has all the elements that any best shopping area would have: a play area for kids, a multiplex cinema, a large variety of high-end brand shops of apparel, home decor, electronics, and sports. The element which makes this mall stand out of all the best shopping places in Dubai is it’s Ski Resort. That’s right!  A skiing adventure right after you shop to your content.
To reach this mall of such profound experience, take a metro to its station!

Souks – Experience The Tradition
The souks of Dubai are arguably the best shopping places in Dubai, where you can explore (and buy) the traditions and cultural elements of Dubai. The most popular souks in this regard are the Gold Souk, the spices souk, and the scents souk. These souks have a range of everything; modern to traditional to regional and national to international items.  Take your pick!

There are a number of shopping malls and arenas in Dubai, with Dubai Mall leading the list of the best shopping malls in Dubai. The traditional markets called the souks also are a vital part of the experience of shopping- the best shopping areas of Dubai are in the traditional marketplaces. Whether you go all out with shopping or just go out for window shopping to feast your eyes, Dubai makes you feel nothing short of the Royalty.  

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