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WiFi and Data Internet Access in UAE Free and Paid

For those traveling to the UAE, WiFi and Date Internet is available throughout the area, both free and paid options. However, the internet access may not be what you are used to when compared to your home country. The UAE is a country that blocks websites and exercises censorship on what residents and tourists are able to visit.

Why WiFi and Data Internet is Censored?

Why is the internet censored in the UAE? This is basically for cultural and moral beliefs. Websites can be blocked if they are believed to alienate a belief or moral that the country has as their own. For example, some types of websites that may be blocked here include:

  • Websites that promote gambling
  • Content that is contradicting UAE laws
  • Any type of website that promotes nudity, dating or other unethical content
  • Website promoting illegal drugs
  • Websites that promote religious hatred

How to Find WiFi and Data Internet Access

For those who are traveling here, they are going to find that free access can be found in several public locations. For example:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Shopping malls
  • Some hotel chains may offer this to their guests

In these cases, the internet is often free to use here. You will find that these are popular hot spots for tourists and residents both since it is free. Due to the popularity of free internet, do not be surprised to find speeds are relatively slow due to how many people are utilizing the bandwidth.

What About Paid WiFi and Data Internet?

There are several paid options for those who are looking for WiFi and Data internet. There are several high-speed internet providers that the country approves of to provide these internet services. These include:

  • Du
  • Etisalat

Keep in mind that these providers have packages for your internet use that often include a monthly charge, along with the actual time you use the Internet every month. This is why many people are looking for free options if they spend a lot of time online.

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